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As at 23 June 2023
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Guidelines update, v41.1

15 July, 2021
Version 41.1 of the Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19 includes the identification of six new studies on disease-modifying treatments. Convalescent plasma - two new studies comparing convalescent plasma to usual care in 912 and 160 patients with moderate-critical COVID-19 (Bégin et al.), (Sekine et al.) Hydroxychloroquine - one new study comparing hydroxychloroquine to usual care...

Guidelines update, version 34.1

18 February, 2021
Updates to the Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19 this week include:   Dutasteride - preprint publication status has been removed from the summary information...

Weekly Communique #30

5 November, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Bromhexine hydrochloride added to list of 'only in clinical trials' The Disease-Modifying Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis Panel has reviewed two new trial results for bromhexine hydrochloride (commonly...

Weekly Communique #28

22 October, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW SAVING LIVES SAFELY: New CPR flowcharts published today The Taskforce, in partnership with the Infection Control Expert Group (ICEG), has published new clinical flowcharts to guide clinicians...

Weekly Communique #25

1 October, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW List of drugs not recommended for use outside of clinical trials continues to grow The Disease-Modifying Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis Panel has reviewed new trial results for...

Weekly Communique #17

6 August, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW 'Do not use': The Taskforce has strengthened its recommendation against the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 This week the Taskforce upgraded the strength...

Coverage: Taskforce hydroxychloroquine recommendation

5 August, 2020
Science reporter for the The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Liam Mannix spoke to Taskforce Executive Director, A/Prof Julian Elliott regarding the 'Do Not Use' recommendation for the...

Weekly Communique #16

30 July, 2020
Dear colleagues, On behalf of all members of the Taskforce, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Victorian colleagues caring for people with COVID-19 during...

Weekly Communique #15

23 July, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Rooming-in recommendation The Pregnancy and Perinatal Care Panel have made their third conditional recommendation. This week's concerns Rooming-in: For women with COVID-19 who have given birth,...

Weekly Communique #14

16 July, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW This week we experienced a shift in the level of alert among the clinicians who form Australia's frontline healthcare response to COVID-19, particularly in Victoria....

Weekly Communique #13

9 July, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW COVID-19 and breastfeeding Following last week's recommendation on mode of birth, the Taskforce has now made a conditional recommendation on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is supported irrespective of...

Weekly Communique #10

18 June, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Dexamethasone and RECOVERY Trial  Oxford University's media release detailing preliminary results from the dexamethasone arm of the RECOVERY Trial dominated international headlines. In response, the...

Weekly Communique #6

21 May, 2020
Dear Taskforce Members and Contributors, Welcome to our new look electronic communique. We hope to provide you with weekly updates in a simple and efficient format so should...

Weekly Communique #5

14 May, 2020
TASKFORCE UPDATE This week we welcomed the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine as a new member of the Taskforce. Two new expert guideline panels have...