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As at 14 October 2021
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Communique # 44

24 May, 2021
WEEK IN REVIEW UPDATES TO THE LIVING GUIDELINE New recommendations Baricitinib upgraded to a conditional recommendation The Disease-Modifying Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis Panel has reviewed the latest evidence for baricitinib and determined that in hospitalised adults with COVID-19 who require supplemental oxygen, baricitinib probably reduces the risk of death. As a result, the Taskforce has made the following conditional recommendation: Consider using...

Communique # 43

10 May, 2021
WEEK IN REVIEW Taskforce reaches consensus on first IPC recommendations On Monday 03 May, the Taskforce provided the Infection Control Expert Group (ICEG) with the final draft of the...

🎥 WEBINAR: Living Evidence, COVID-19 and consumers?

4 May, 2021
Learn how the Taskforce develops living guideline recommendations and the role of consumers If you missed the recent webinar hosted by Consumers Health Forum of Australia, you can...

Webinar: Living Evidence and consumers

22 April, 2021
Are you interested in developing a better understanding of how clinical guidelines can be kept up-to-date with the latest evidence as new research emerges? The Taskforce is proud...

Communique # 40

18 March, 2021
WEEK IN REVIEW UPDATES TO THE LIVING GUIDELINE New recommendation for tocilizumab in children or adolescents Further to the Taskforce's recent recommendation for the conditional use of tocilizumab for adults (25...

Seeking consumers and carers with lived experience of COVID-19

24 February, 2021
Share your lived experiences of COVID-19 and contribute to the national guidelines The Taskforce welcomes people who have been affected by COVID-19 to join the Consumer Panel.  The...

Weekly Communique # 34

3 December, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Updates to the living guideline New recommendations published this week cover: Dutasteride Oestrogen-containing therapies (including menopause hormone therapies (MHT) and contraceptives). These recommendations were developed by the...

Weekly Communique # 30

5 November, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Bromhexine hydrochloride added to list of 'only in clinical trials' The Disease-Modifying Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis Panel has reviewed two new trial results for bromhexine hydrochloride (commonly...

Weekly Communique # 24

24 September, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Six-month milestone for the Taskforce There was great anxiety among clinicians back in March, as Australia prepared to face the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and the...