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As at 14 October 2021
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Communique # 51

15 October, 2021
WEEK IN REVIEW Updates to the Living Treatment Guidelines New recommendations New recommendation for Continuous positive airway pressure / High-flow nasal oxygen therapy The Hospital and Acute Care Panel have incorporated the results of the recent RECOVERY-Respiratory Support trial (Perkins et al.) into the evidence base for respiratory support. The previous recommendation for High flow nasal oxygen therapy (HFNO) was based on indirect evidence but...

Coverage: Understanding evidence

17 August, 2021
Science reporter for the The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Liam Mannix explains the critical role of gold standard evidence and highlights the role of Cochrane and the...

Communique # 45

3 June, 2021
Dear colleagues, On behalf of our 32 Taskforce members, we acknowledge our Victorian colleagues during another challenging and anxious time. Look after yourselves and each other, and we all hope an easing of...

Communique # 42

22 April, 2021
Message from the Chair and Executive Director Dear Colleagues We’ve just passed 12-months since the first publication of the Australian clinical guidelines for the care of people with COVID-19....

Communique # 41

1 April, 2021
WEEK IN REVIEW UPDATES TO THE LIVING GUIDELINE Convalescent plasma recommendation changed to 'do not use' The Taskforce Disease Modifying and Chemoprophylaxis Panel and the Guidelines Leadership Group have incorporated...

Communique # 40

18 March, 2021
WEEK IN REVIEW UPDATES TO THE LIVING GUIDELINE New recommendation for tocilizumab in children or adolescents Further to the Taskforce's recent recommendation for the conditional use of tocilizumab for adults (25...

Communique # 39

25 February, 2021
WEEK IN REVIEW UPDATES TO THE LIVING GUIDELINE Tocilizumab upgraded to conditional recommendation The Taskforce Disease Modifying Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis Panel and the Guidelines Leadership Group have incorporated...

Communique # 38

11 February, 2021
Message from the Taskforce Chair Dear colleagues As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic it is timely to acknowledge the important role of the Taskforce’s...

Communique # 37

29 January, 2021
Following a well-earned break, the Taskforce team has now returned to full capacity. Global evidence surveillance continued throughout January, with six clinical panel meetings held since January 11....

Weekly Communique # 36

17 December, 2020
Dear colleagues, It’s hard to fully comprehend a year like 2020. The pandemic has affected us all and no doubt its impact will continue and reverberate for some...

Weekly Communique # 35

10 December, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Updates to the living guideline New recommendations published this week cover: Combined metabolic cofactor supplementation (CMCS) Vitamin D analogues (formerly just calcifediol, now also includes cholecalciferol) Updated...

Weekly Communique # 33

26 November, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Updates to the living guideline Three new recommendations have been published this week covering: Bamlanivimab Fluvoxamine Intravenous immunoglobulin VTE prophylaxis for children and adolescents Further details are...

Weekly Communique # 31

12 November, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW IPC Panel EOI for paediatric and clinical engineering expertise The Taskforce is calling for Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified individuals with paediatric or clinical...

Weekly Communique # 30

5 November, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Bromhexine hydrochloride added to list of 'only in clinical trials' The Disease-Modifying Treatment and Chemoprophylaxis Panel has reviewed two new trial results for bromhexine hydrochloride (commonly...

Weekly Communique # 29

29 October, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW Updates to the living guideline this week New recommendations Three new recommendations have been published covering: Triazavirin Other immunomodulatory agents (PIMS-TS) Aspirin and antithrombotic agents...

Weekly Communique # 28

22 October, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW SAVING LIVES SAFELY: New CPR flowcharts published today The Taskforce, in partnership with the Infection Control Expert Group (ICEG), has published new clinical flowcharts to guide clinicians...

Weekly Communique # 27

15 October, 2020
WEEK IN REVIEW New PIMS-TS recommendations The Taskforce has made two new consensus recommendations for the management of children with suspected or confirmed Paediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome Temporally associated with SARS-CoV-2...

Weekly Communique # 26

8 October, 2020
With our evidence team and panels taking a much-needed break, a smaller edition today with no new recommendations or updates to the guidelines and flowcharts this week. Our next update will be next Thursday,...