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As at 27 May 2022
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TaskforceTV Episode Five

6 May, 2022
In Episode 5, host Tari Turner talks to A/Prof Asha Bowen and Brendan McMullan about the considerations of using drug treatments in children and adolescents, the need for clinical trials, children's diseases (including Kawasaki disease and PIMS-TS), and the impact of the pandemic on children's mental health. A/Prof Asha Bowen is a paediatric infectious diseases physician at Perth Children’s Hospital,...

TaskforceTV Episode Four

20 April, 2022
Watch full episode here:  In Episode 4, host Tari Turner talks to Prof Caroline Homer and Dr Vijay Roach about the importance of vaccination during pregnancy, the vital...

TaskforceTV Episode Three

14 April, 2022
Watch the full episode: In Episode 3 host Tari Turner is joined by Prof Meera Agar and Prof Sarah Hilmer with a focus on how COVID-19 care is...

TaskforceTV Episode Two

7 April, 2022
Watch full episode here:  Episode 2 features Prof Joshua Davis and A/Prof Bridget Barber, Co-Chairs of the Taskforce Disease-Modifying Treatments and Chemoprophylaxis Panel, with a focus on mild...

TaskforceTV Episode One

5 April, 2022
Watch full episode here:  Episode 1 features Prof Carol Hodgson and A/Prof Steve McGloughlin with a focus on how COVID treatment has evolved in the ICU, the role...

I’ve tested positive for COVID-19? What treatments are available?

9 March, 2022
  With several new drug treatments for people with mild COVID-19 now available, it can be tricky to know what your options are should you test positive to...

EXPLAINER: What happens if I test positive to COVID-19?

19 July, 2021
With the recent COVID-19 outbreak in NSW and Victoria, it’s timely to revisit what happens if you test positive with COVID-19.  With so much media commentary and coverage...

Saving lives safely during COVID-19: CPR flowcharts explained

22 October, 2020
Why were the flowcharts developed? The Taskforce received feedback from hospital and community representatives citing a hesitation to commence resuscitation of people in cardiac arrest during the COVID-19...

What happens if I get COVID-19?

15 September, 2020
Finding trusted answers amid the widespread coverage of questionable claims and dubious data on unproven treatments is not easy. The good news is there are clear guidelines and...